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Thank you for visiting my site,as i wish also to share with you some useful tips that can save you money when using wap Turn off images- it is advisable to turn off images from your handset internet settings so as to save on your gprs bills; some images on some wapsites are even larger in size than the main contents of the site itself. Use bookmarks- bookmark sites you visit regularly to avoid viewing unnecessary multiple pages. Give these bookmarks names you can remember always. Enable cookies- I guess we all know what this means, check internet settings. Avoid WWW sites- these are internet sites that are very large in size and can put holes in your pocket, these sites can be as large as 50kb at times so watch out. View wapsites on your PC before accessing it on your phone- Most wapsites can be viewed on your PC with Opera web/wap browser and there are websites that offer wap emulators online, an example of such site is http:// after viewing and testing the site online and it's worthy of your regular usage, bookmark on your handset. NAIRALAND VIA WAP Of course, nairaland can be viewed with your wap enabled phone and you can do majority of what you can do on the website via your PC on your mobile, though some functions might be limited. To view nairaland on your phone, bookmark the wapsite enjoy... Useful wapsites with info about them. This site is filled with useful information about most symbian phones plus loads of free softwares for your phone sonyericsson forum, there’s a Nigerian forum in there called Proudly Nigerian Forum free java applications and others yahoo messenger via wap wmldir.php? seshid=ad0537143a73fe7c3ca8a 004deebdbf8 full list of wap directories in tagtag, loads of free stuffs. MSN/Hotmail chat via wap google search engine hl=en&wmlmode=wml mobile web search engine information about diseases and treatment. Browserspy - gives you a lot of information about your current device (IP etc). Great for developers [WAP1 | HTML] Quotes Heaven - Historical quotes from a range of categories (famous, inspirational etc.) [WAP1] Wap Portal - 240+ tested and catergorized sites [WAP1 | HTML] wireless/index.wml look up any (english) word and get a detailed explanation [WAP1] WAP search engine [WAP1] WAP Search Engine [WAP1] Ithaki WAP Meta Search - WAP search engine [WAP1] Track your DHL packages. [WAP1 | HTML] Many free polyphonic MIDIs [WAP1]
You can transform your mobile phone to a powerful tool to give you a rich light internet services to enble you access your email,browse,use the gps,maps,stream music/video etc,thereby saving you alot of time,energy and resources. Most of these functionalities are not pronounced on China phones due to css,hardware/firmware incompatability in the microchips schematic finishes. For those using China phones,i strongly advise that when accessing a website,the URL should be defined in mobile format ie,if you want to goto yahoo,do not input,but should be used instead.On www,web content will be too large for China phones to load,but if on mobile URL specification as defined in the address bar,web content will be delivered in mobile format which will creat compatability on screen display.
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